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Integrated Development Plans

Final IDP Gamagara Local Municipality 2022-2027

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Final Second Review IDP Gamagara Local Municipality: 2019-2022

Foreword by the Mayor of Gamagara Local Municipality Councillor OE Hantise

We are coming from a very challenging year, where we ran the municipality with an unfunded budget and transitional administration. A situation where we had an Acting Municipal Manager for a period of nine months and most managerial contracts coming to an end. This period was difficult as it took us also more than nine months to fill the top management positions. As we all know that transition in most cases brew uncertainty which result in poor performance. These circumstances led us to slide from Qualified Audit Outcome to Disclaimer.

Even though we can attribute the slide in the audit outcome to the transition phase, laxity and uncertainty of our personnel cannot be sole causal factor, the transition from Sebata Financial Managenent System to Phoenix Financial Management System also had its fair share on the challenges that we experienced. Transition of the financial management system with its teething problems led to misalignment of cash and cash balance/equivalents, which led directly to a disclaimer.

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Draft IDP 2017 - 2022


The previous cycle of the IDP ended on an unprecedented tone of economic depression. 2015/16 was a turbulent year for Gamagara Local Municipality as it was for the first time that the municipality had to adjust its budget 48% downward. The prolonged valuation dispute took its toll on our development, which ended with a loss of the case to Kumba resulted in our budget be cut by almost R350 million. It was a very challenging term again in that it was an election brought more diversity into the municipal leadership.

The Municipality experience a loss when Councillor J. Johnson passed on and Councillor Johannes Kaars resigned from Council. This meant introduction of new Councillors when the financial year was on the brink of ending. These, however, made us strong as team and it strengthened the spirit of community development and improved service delivery. 

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Fourth Review IDP 2016-17


In accordance with Section 34 of the Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000) municipalities are expected to present a review of its Integrated Development Plan (IDP) annually in line of their five years plan. The most critical area for these processes is to assess the performance of the municipality against its measurable targets and respond to the demands and needs of our people as raised in the previous processes. This is usually applied as a strategic tool to assist the municipality to realise its medium to long –term objectives in a developmentally oriented plan that is also aligned to the National Development Plan (NDP) in its 2030 plan. This process marks the fourth review of our five year plan of the municipality.

This review was informed by the maximum participation of our important stakeholders especially the communities as well as businesses to ensure that the Gamagara Local Municipality put its people first and make them part of decision making when coming to service delivery issues. Although Gamagara municipality was identified as the fastest growing and developing town in the Country with a strong financial base of revenue collection, the current economic situation confronted by the mines will impact negatively in our planning that will result in many of our projects not to be implemented.

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