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Gamagara Annual Report 2018/19



The year 2018/2019 has been one of the busiest years in the hisoty of local government since its inception in 2000, at least for this municipality. Gamagara Local Municipality is one of the biggest in terms of population growth as a result of economic activities in its areas of jurisdiction.

Equally this was a year that has testd the strength and abilities of this municipality for the provision of basic services and good governance. Therefore, it was through these efforts that we affirmed the institution as the institution of choice despite some challenges that we were confronted with throughout the year. as a collective team of individual leaders and professionals we remained resolute and optimistic to deliver on our constitutional mandate.

In the previous year we were mandated by the people to administer and govern this institution on their behalf to amongst others, manage their resources and deliver clean government, provide efficient and effective services. We thus present to the council, the custodian of the people of  Gamagara, the whole population and our stakeholder the 2018-2019 annual report.

This report will be used as a tool to measure the institutional competence, capacity to deliver services, clean government and good governance. We are however mindful of the fact that there are quite a few number of interest groups in our society that we might have failed in the process as our focus was primarily on the provision of basic services which are water, sanitation, electriciity and refuse removal. However, we will continue to adhere to the needs of our people across all sectors with limited resources at our disposal. By so doing we will be attempting to address the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment.

We further wish to commend the cooperation showed and demonstrated by other parties in council including other sector departments throughout the year. Some of these came as constructive criticisms that contributed immensely to the achivements and growth of our municipality.


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Councillor OE Hantise