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Medium Term Revenue & Expenditure Framework

on 04 April 2017

Executive Summary 

Planning Framework 

The Constitution requires local government to relate its management, budgeting and planning functions to its service delivery objectives.  This gives a clear indication of the intended purposes of municipal integrated development planning.  Legislation stipulates clearly that a municipality must not only give effect to its IDP, but must also conduct its affairs in a manner which is consistent with its IDP.  This includes the compilation of the Medium Term Revenue and Expenditure Framework (MTREF). 

The Municipality’s IDP is its principal strategic planning instrument, which directly guides and informs its planning, budget, management and development actions.  This framework is rolled out into Key Performance Areas, Strategic Objectives, Key Focus Areas, Key Performance Indicators and targets for implementation which directly inform the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan. 

With the compilation of the 2020/21 MTREF, each department/function had to review the priorities and targets contained in the IDP (taking the 2019/2020 performance against the Budget and Departmental Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan into account) and request resources via the budget process accordingly.  

Gamagara IDP Key Performance Areas 

The Key Performance Areas contained in the Gamagara IDP are as follows: 

  • Basic Services and Infrastructure Investment
  • Financial Viability and Sustainability
  • Good Governance and Public Participation
  • Institutional Development and Transformation
  • Community Safety, Development and Sustainable Environment
  • Equitable, Progressive Spatial Economic Growth and Development

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