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Summary of Draft Third Review Integrated Development Plan

Foreword by the Mayor of Gamagara Local Municipality:
Councillor OE Hantise

The 2020-2021 third revised IDP can be seen as the fourth IDP after the council approved a five-year development plan during the 2016-2017 planning cycle. As the sphere of government being closest to the people, municipalities have a specific responsibility to achieve the delivery of basic services through various programmes, amongst others, water and sanitation, roads and stormwater, refuse removal, electricity and job creation through LED, as well as financial sustainability.

The other responsibility to equip municipalities to ensure the coordination of programmes initiated by the national and provincial government. It is against this background that the municipality reaches a process to review the current IDP for 2020-2021 to achieve these outcomes. The development of various sector plans and strategies represents the first step in broadening the long-term planning and to position the municipality to broaden the implementation, efficiency and impact of service delivery.

The municipality is set to keep open and honest consultations with all stakeholders and the community and we would like to appreciate the role and support they played by providing the necessary inputs in the IDP and we take this opportunity to encourage more communities to be involved in the process of developing the IDP.

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